Rio Montaña Ranch on Horseback

Rio Montaña Ranch on Horseback The ultimate ranch tour on Horseback Guanacaste is the heart and soul of deeply rooted traditions of equestrian life originated from the Spanish in the 16th century. In our Rio Montana Ranch, generations of working the land, cattle and horse ranching preserved these traditions of “sabanero” (cowboy) where you will [...]

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Black Hills Advanced Adventure

Black Hills Advanced Adventure ATV riders, get your thrill on! Spend a full day of riding a ATV with Tico Tours Nosara along one of the highest mountains of the Nicoya Peninsula, called the Black Hills. This tour will cover many kilometers of rivers, tropical dry forest, open fields, country side, small villages, hidden bars [...]

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White Rocks Adventure

White Rocks Adventure Spectacular Mountains and River Ride One of Tico Tours most unique and famous ATV adventures consists of traversing spectacular mountain roads with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. As well, you will explore thick jungle trails and make several river crossings, so prepare to get wet and dirty! During and right after [...]

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