Children’s Horseback Riding Lessons

Children’s Horseback Riding Lessons Every child’s dream come true, to ride a Pony, learn with Tico Tours! Doesn’t every child want to ride learn to ride a pony? Doesn't every child dream of being a cowboy or cowgirl? Hacienda Los Quatros Vientos has ponies trained from three months old, with instructors who will tutor your [...]

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Rio Montaña Ranch on Horseback

Rio Montaña Ranch on Horseback The ultimate ranch tour on Horseback Guanacaste is the heart and soul of deeply rooted traditions of equestrian life originated from the Spanish in the 16th century. In our Rio Montana Ranch, generations of working the land, cattle and horse ranching preserved these traditions of “sabanero” (cowboy) where you will [...]

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